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Half a million households never turn their central heating off

A new study found that as many as half a million houses in the UK keep their heating on all year round, which includes throughout the warm summer months.

The research has also found that a third of people also leave their heating on all night throughout the winter months and also 46% of homes will switch their heating on for the first time during October.
2,000 people were questioned for the survey which also revealed Britons can be hugely wasteful with their energy. Over 1 / 2 of every home have got at least one room which is warmed up although nobody uses it and only on in five of us will turn off radiators in rooms which aren’t used regularly.

Replacing aspects of your home heating may help make your home much more energy efficient and will allow you to keep your heating costs as low as possible. There are a variety of heating options readily available, so that you don’t have to simply stick to what you currently have.

Lots of people now decide to change the central heating radiators inside their bathrooms with towel radiators or even heated up towel rails, as these can be much more efficient at heating these spaces and also give you the benefit of warm and cosy towels when you are getting out from the bath or shower.

Other heating systems, like underfloor heating, also have become more popular and if you’re looking for supplies to heat your bathroom more effectively, turn to BestBathrooms. With over 30 years experience bringing heating and bathroom methods to customers you can buy in complete confidence. BestBathrooms will also be showcasing their designs at Tour de France in Harrogate this summer

Wacky Use Of Hair Extensions: Wedding Gown Made Out Of Real Human Hair Pieces

There are normally several purposes to everyday regular things for instance a tea towel can dry up cutlery in addition toprotect hands from burning while carrying plates and a can of beer can be used for alcoholic drinking reasons, and alsopolish furniture. Like with many things in life, a lot of people try to break the mould to grab attention and also make news headlines. But one person has decided to be extra unusual and use hair extensions for a completely wacky new point,other than to lengthen natural hair. The dress maker from the well-liked Channel 4 programme ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ has bizarrely made a wedding dress out of human hair extensions. Thelma Madine has shot to fame ever since the tv series was launched as she claims to be the leading seamstress for all travellers and gypsies across the UK. Now the ‘fairy godmother’ has created some bridal wear that takes OTT (Over the Top) to a whole new level.

The peculiar dress has been produced using 250 metres of hair pieces and is currently worth a massive £50,000. The human locks frock required a team of around 8 dressmakers and hairdressers to make the bright red colourful dress. Thegown weighs a huge 15 stone, is a size six and Madine is hoping that the pricey item will be noticed by controversialcelebrity Lady Gaga. The ‘Born This Way’ singer has caused a stir prior to now by putting on outrageous and grotesque outfits made completely out of meat and one just like Kermit the Frog from hit Tv show The Muppets. So now the popularUK seamstress is hopeful for Gaga to carry on her trademark style and wear the unique dress made totally out of clip in hair extensions.

The strange wedding dress was made through collaboration with a hair dresser named Ryan Edwards from hair dressersVoodou and it used tens of thousands of individual hair wefts and different hair pieces such as Remi hair extensions orclip in fringes. The exclusive style, which took more than 12 days to make, also comprises of 1500 crystals and 12 underskirts. The bridal wear was crowned the winner when it was exhibited at the Alternative Miss Liverpool pageant in Liverpool. However it is not the only hair-raising outfit which has ever been made. Back in 2010 a tunic was created in Vietnam from one million metres of human hair Remi hair extensions and it came complete with a matching hat.

This occurrence is a very crazy use of pre bonded hair extensions as generally Britons use them to elongate their own natural hair on their head as opposed to wearing them on their body. Create fabulous length with some feather hair extensions much like brand ambassador Sam Friars off of the hit reality television show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’. Whether you like long curly hair or possibly a lengthy straight mane, make sure you wear the flip in hair extensions on top of your head. Budding fashionistas can co-ordinate the remi cachet hair extensions with their current hair colour so it fits perfectly.

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